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Cut & Style with Attitude

The Latest Trends Start at Hot Shots

The experienced and talented specialists at Hot Shots Salon continuously perfect their creative skills through advanced education.

Aveda’s courses are taught by skilled industry professionals who are passionate about their craft and education. Through inspiration, technical learning and hands-on practice, our specialists are up-to-date on the latest trends and styles to make you look and feel your best.

Haircut and Style Services

All services include a consultation and an Aveda Ritual.

Cut and Style Service Estimates

Cut, Blow Dry and Style
Cut only
Fringe only
Shampoo & Blow dry

Special Occasion Style Estimates

Special occasion style (30-45 min)
Wedding style
$100 - $175+
Wedding practice (prior)
Styling Lesson (Bring Your Own Blowdyer, Tools)
Hot Shots Permanent Wave Texture

Texture Services

The Art of the Permanent Wave

Perming is an art form that can create results from a simple wave to spiral curls. Depending on your desired results, texture and length of hair, prices vary. A complimentary consultation is required for an accurate price.

You can also re-texturize color-treated, highlighted and chemically-processed hair (but not hair that has been previously treated with a sodium hydroxide relaxer). Ask your specialists today for a consultation.

Permanent Wave • $145+

Botanical Hair Therapy

Tap into the wisdom of Ayurveda (the ancient healing art of India) and combine the power of touch with aroma-therapeutic essential oils to create a healthy scalp; the foundation for beautiful hair.

Hot Shots offers customized treatments meet your personal needs by giving hair strands intense moisture or repair while restoring balance to the ecosystem of your scalp and hair.

Botanical Therapy Treatments

The Moisture Treatment improves dry hair up to 86%* with the power of buriti and pomegranate oils, leaving strands soft, silky and shiny.

The Repair Treatment improves damaged hair up to 84%* with the power of quinoa protein and sugar beet-derived amino acid, leaving strands strong, supple and healthy-looking.

The Layer on Hair Masque is for very damaged hair.

The Scalp Balance Treatment features a deep, restorative massage with the aroma-therapeutic essential oil blend that will bring the healthiest balance to your scalp, setting the stage for beautiful hair.

The Scalp Detox Treatment deep cleanses, featuring a refreshing massage with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid that gently exfoliates your scalp and removes build-up that may affect healthy hair.

The Hair and Scalp Treatment is like a spa for your head. It begins with a restorative scalp treatment and ends with a transformative moisture or repair treatment. Your hair will look healthier and shinier, and feel soft and silky.

Prices for Botanical Hair Therapy Treatments • 45 min to 1 hr. $65.

Pramāsana™ Treatment

The Promise of Pramāsana™

Pramāsana™ was inspired by Ayurveda and two Sanskrit words: prama which means foundation and asana, which means posture or taking a stand. Our scalp care takes a stand to give you a strong foundation for beautiful hair. We use our Pramasana exfoliating brush to massage the scalp while distributing the detoxifying, balancing, protective blend of Pramāsana™ .

Try the NEW Pramāsana™ Scalp Treatment

This is a unique service that was created to give you a healthier scalp and beautiful hair.  It’s like a facial for your scalp!

Featuring the new Pramāsana™ product line, this service will stimulate, cleanse and balance your scalp while leaving your hair beautifully soft and shiny.

Prices for Pramāsana™ Scalp Treatments • 45 to 1 hr. $65

  1. Exfoliate with the Exfoliating Scalp Brush – unique looped bristle design massages the scalp, loosens buildup and increases scalp circulation.
  2. Cleanse with the Purifying Scalp Cleanser – Wintergreen salicylic acid optimizes the cleansing properties of shampoo, focusing on the scalp with a rich lather.
  3. Balance and Protect with the Protective Scalp Concentrate – No other competitor offers a solution to protect your scalp, the Protective Scalp Concentrate balances, preserves and protects.
  4. Professional-only, conditioning treatment masque that when massaged in, purifies and nourishes the scalp and hair. Leaves the scalp feeling refreshed and cooled and the hair soft with natural- looking shine.


Invati Hair Treatments for Thinning Hair

We understand that hair loss can be devastating and embarrassing, especially for women. Hot Shots carries Aveda’s Invati Therapy Treatment for Thinning Hair. Beginning with an in-salon treatment, then following up at home, with Invati’s triple system, Invati helps energize the scalp using the power of turmeric and ginseng.

A refreshing in-salon scalp massage improves blood circulation to improve growth. This treatment helps create a healthy scalp environment for an enhanced experience. Use of the Invati solutions for thinning hair, helps to reduce hair loss and keep the hair you have longer.

Women’s Thinning Hair Treatment Estimates

Invati scalp detoxifying, exfoliation treatment
Invati scalp detoxifying, exfoliation treatment w/purchase of Invati triple system